Stian Kristoffersen

Published on March 2nd, 2012

Stian Lindaas Kristoffersen was born on Christmas Eve in Porsgrunn in 1972. Porsgrunn is a small town south east in Norway. At the age of five, he got a drum set for Christmas from his parents, and since then, Stian has not been able to let go of percussion and drums.

When Stian was eight years old, he began beating the drums in the Langangen School Band, and he did not leave until he was nearly in his twenties. Stian was a drum teacher during the last six years. Growing up, he also learned to play the guitar, and he even took piano lessons for three/four years. “I took several professional education courses in drum technique, as M1, M2, M3, M4, I1, I2 and D2 at Kvitsund, and went to high school on music theory classes from 1989-1991.”

One of Stian’s first albums was “Dynasty”, the seventh studio album by KISS. Stian is musically influenced by everything between Abba and TNT to The Beatles, Iron Maiden and Pink Cream 96. At a young age he especially liked the first two Pink Cream 69 albums: “I was really influenced by those guys when I was 10 or 11 years old.” The list is not any shorter when it comes to his favorite drummers: Simon Phillips (Toto), Scott Travis (Judas Priest) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), to mention a few.

Living in Oklungen (Porsgrunn), Stian “Thunderforce” met Steinar “Azarak” Gundersen at an early age. Gundersen is known for his guitar work in the black metal band Satyricon, and in Spiral Architect, a progressive metal act. In 1983, Stian formed his very first heavy metal band together with Gundersen. The band was called Essex. “Me and Steinar sticked together through lots of different bands until 1992, when Steinar moved to Oslo and joined Spiral Architect.” From 1988-1992 played Stian and Steinar in a technical metal act called King´s Quest.

When it comes to rock bands, Stian has been “all over the place.” In 2002, he joined the black metal band Dimension F3H. A year later he became a member of Firewind set in Greece, and Jorn (Jørn Lande). He has also played in Woodstone, King´s Quest, Svette Ballær and Sunset Strip, Silverspoon, Knirick, Fuck the World, Dan Hagen & The War Babies, and Trivial Act. Fuck The World was a party band covering classic biker songs like “Born To Be Wild.” “All the other guys in that band were from a motorcycle club, and it was just a cover band that played in a lot of motorcycle clubs.” Playing with all these different bands, Stian met many challenges on the road becoming the great drummer he is today. In 2005 Stian told in an interview that Trivial Act was the band he learned the most from. “There were so many things happening in the music, I had to count all the time.” He played together with Trivial Act including Steinar Krokmo, for almost four years. “I think I became a much better drummer after playing with such great musicians.” In 2001, the band recorded a 3-song demo called Thoughts in Lyrics.

In 1993, Stian joined Sunset Strip, which became Silverspoon (in 1994/1995), a band run by Nils K. Rue, Thorstein Aaby, and himself. Together they played in Silverspoon for almost seven years, never being especially professional, before the release of Sink Or Swim. Silverspoon did gigs now and then, and Nils, Thorstein and Stian also covered KISS-songs together. “The style of the music was inspired by 80s LA-rock and metal.” In the summer of 2000 Silverspoon became Pagan’s Mind, joined by Jørn Viggo Lofstad, Steinar Krokmo and Ronny Tegner.

As the drummer of Pagan’s Mind, Stian has been praised for his work. “I think Stian is one of the best metal drummers around,” Stephen Fredrick from Kinrick told Stian is an international Tama artist, and he released signature sticks in the autumn of 2010.  Stian is also an international Meinl artist.

“Metal has always been closest to my heart. I will always consider myself as a full-blown metal drummer!”