Steinar Krokmo

Published on March 2nd, 2012

At the age of 12 Steinar’s father brought him an upright bass, which he played on from the third staircase at his house. He played alongside with his father on guitar and with his mother on vocals. It did not take much time before he got an electric bass, and his musical adventure had begun. His passion was glorified.

In June 1969, Steinar Krokmo was brought in to this world. He grew up in Mo i Rana, a small town up north in Norway; almost 968 kilometers form the capital called Oslo. Steinar spent his early days above the Arctic Circle having not much to do, he had a lot of time for playing and listening to music; “What else could you do? There were no girls up north”. Being musically influenced by seventies progressive music, fusion and hard rock, there was especially one album that influenced Steinar to push forward: Yesshows. Yessshows is the second live album from the British progressive rock band Yes, and was released in 1980. Steinar owned a double vinyl set, and once said: “Yesshows inspired me to believe and visualize myself doing music in the future”. The bass player (and songwriter) in Yes, Chris Squire is also one of Steinar’s favorite bassist. Greddy Lee in the Canadian band Rush is another one.

In 1987 Steinar moved to Montreal, Canada, to study at Vanier College, where he did everything from jazz and big band to session work in studio and on TV. After he returned to Norway, Steinar joined Déjà vu (in 1993), a funky metal band, but he also helped out other band with his skills. “I sat in on several gigs with whoever needed a bass player.” Dan Hagen & The War Babies was one of them. Steinar was 28 years old when his buddy Stian Kristoffersen, played with Trivial Act, a technical metal band. A year later, in 1998 Svend Ole Heggedal left the band for personal reasons, and Steinar replaced him as the new bassist. Steinar played and did gigs with Trivial Act for a three-year period. In 2001, the band recorded a 3-song demo called Thoughts in Lyrics.

In the late nineties Steinar played with a Toto cover band called An Evening With Toto Music. Also in this band paying tribute to the kings of Melodic Rock, were guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad and keyboard magician Ronny Tegner.

Stian Kristoffersen, Nils K. Rue, and Thorstein Aaby formed Pagan’s Mind in the summer of 2000, and were shortly after joined by Jørn Viggo Lofstad, Ronny Tegner and Steinar Krokmo. Apart from Pagans Mind (which will always be his main priority), Steinar have done studio work for bands like Shine Dion, Beautiful Sin, Dimension Infinite, and Jorn. He also played with Dimension F3H for a couple of years. Other merits include gigging with Jørn Lande, as well as teaching electric bass. Being the fabulous bassist as he truly is, Steinar is an international Ibanez artist.

On the question who he would like to play with, Steinar once said: “I would love to play with David Bowie, because he ripped my insides out, and he is a genius surrounded by clever musicians who I adore!”

Pagan’s Mind has been together for the past 12 years and according to Steinar, the flame is still on fire:

“We all love playing together and exploring new musical boundaries, jamming, trying out new ideas, whether they be riffs or melody lines or chord progressions. We also still enjoy musically reading each other, hanging out together, being good friends and touring where we meet new and old fans all around the world, and ultimately pulling in the same directions together with our listeners.”