Ronny Tegner

Published on March 2nd, 2012

For Ronny Tegner, the keys were a natural choice. Growing up with a piano playing father, Ronny was surrounded by music and developed at a young age an interest for all keyboards. Ronny played piano at the age of eight, and he got his first keyboard, a Korg Lambda, as a twelve-year old. It did not take much time before he played in his first hard rock band, called Decibel.

Born in the autumn in Horten, Ronny spent his childhood north in Norway in a town called Tromsø. Tromsø is within the top ten list of the biggest towns in Norway, and it’s known for its midnight sun during the summer, and its northern lights during the winter. Eight years old, Ronny and his father bought an old piano on auction at Bardufoss, Troms. His father bet on a lot of things, but not higher than the wallet allowed. He likely stopped the bids after 300,- NOK, this was also true when an old piano was rolled out. “It looked pretty rundown, and we were shocked when we realized we had become owners of a piano to 280,-NOK.” Later on, Ronny studied music: “I moved to the big city and started my music education.” At the university he joined several groups playing a lot of jazz and funk.

In 1993, Ronny joined Déjà vu, a funky metal band, but he also helped out other bands with his skills, including Arvinger, Bump and Torn.

Being musically influenced by Toto and its keyboarder David Paich, Ronny gladly played in the Toto cover band An Evening With Toto Music. In the late nineties the band paid tribute to the LA-rockers. Steinar Krokmo and Jørn Viggo Lofstad were also in An Evening With Toto Music.

Ronny became a member of Pagan’s Mind, after playing the keys on Infinity Divine. “Playing real music again, lead me in contact with other bands and artists. Such as Jørn Lande (Jorn). I’ve had the great honor to play keyboards on Out To Every Nation.”

Being the magic keyboarder as he is, Ronny has received great praise for his work. The Metal Archives wrote following words on the review of Celestial Entrance: “Listen to Mr. Tegner’s work here and be transported to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, drifting with the stars and watching the planets go by.”

“We’re just kids at heart!”