Music Videos

Published on March 2nd, 2012

Album: Heavenly Ecstasy
Release date: April 29, 2011

“We went for a simple ‘feel good’ video with footage from gigs all over the world.” Nils K. Rue said about the video.”I think it’s a fun video that brings a smile to anyone’s face.”

“Intermission”, which premiered on, is released in memory of Ronnie James Dio and Gary Moore. “We wanted to give some of the biggest names in rock our little respect by having them in our video.”


“Atomic Firelight”
Album: God’s Equation
Release year: 2007

“Atomic Firelight” is the only music video from their fourth album. The video shows Nils, Jørn Viggo, Ronny, Stian and Steinar rocking out separately in front of a white background.
“The clip was ”rushly” filmed in a local video studio because time was short and we had to put it out on the ltd. version disc two. On that video, we didn’t had the time to put up a lot of effects and stuff – just had to go for a crazy, fast and simple ”naked” video – which is cool in a way – and therefore, a more ”epic” song from the album wouldn’t have fitted the simple concept in the video.” -Nils K. Rue tells in 2008.


“Enigmatic Mission”
Album: Enigmatic: Calling
Release year: 2005

“Enigmatic Mission” was produced and directed by Y-not Productions As, and is the only music video released from Enigmatic: Calling.

The mysterious video has a dark setting.


“Aegean Shores”
Album: Celestial Entrance
Release year: 2002

“Aegean Shores” is the second music video from Celestial Entrance. The video enfolds exclusive tour footage, pictures and live performances. Former guitarist Thorstein Aaby, can be seen in this video.


“Through Osiris’ Eyes”
Album: Celestial Entrance
Release date: November 18, 2002
The extended version was released on January 23, 2011

The original version of “Through Osiris’ Eyes” was released on November the 18, 2002. Mainly, the video shows the band kick ass as they perform the song. It also includes former member Thorstein Aaby on guitar.

In 2011, Pagan’s Mind released an old extended version of “Through Osiris’ Eyes”. The nine-minute long video includes the first track on Celestial Entrance called “Approaching”.