Infinity Divine

Published on March 10th, 2012

Infinity Divine
Release date: November 16, 2004
Label: FaceFront
Mixed by: Studio Studio Nyhagen, October 200
Produced by: Ronnie Le Tekrø (TNT), Dag Stokke & Pagan’s Mind




Infinity Divine is Pagan’s Mind’s debut album, released on a small record label located in Oslo, Norway, called FaceFront, which offered Pagan’s Mind a contract while the band’s name still was Silverspoon. Silverspoon consisted of Nils K. Rue, Thorstein Aaby, Stian Kristoffersen and Øyvind Vang and together they played in Silverspoon for almost seven years. In April 1999, the band released Sink Or Swim. The last year Silverspoon played together they had in mind to change the musical style and go in a more heavy and progressive direction. The change can already be heard on the first song of the album – that later became “Entrance: Stargate” on Celestial Entrance. “The album [Sink or Swim] was self-financed and was intended to be a sort of “professional demo”, as we were being tired of being put down by all the metal labels all the time and wanted to get some attention.” Nils told Vitruosa Magazine. It certainly did. They got a contract with FaceFront, and in the summer of 2000 Silverspoon became Pagan’s Mind, joined by Jørn Viggo Lofstad, and Steinar Krokmo, who replaced Øyvind Vang. After playing the keys on their debut album, keyboard player Ronny Tegner also joined the band.

Infinity Divine resulted directly in the collaboration with Limb Music. Limb re-released Infinity Divine in 2004. 

Vocals: Nils K. Rue
Guitar: Jørn Viggo Lofstad
Guitar: Thorstein Aaby
Keyboards: Ronny Tegner
Bass: Steinar Krokmo
Drums: Stian Kristoffersen

Track listing:
1. Prelude To Paganism
2. Caught In a Dream
3. Infinity Divine
4. Embracing Fear
5. Astral Projection
6. Angels’ Serenity
7. Dawning Od The Nemesis
8. King’s Quest
9. Twilight Arise
10. A New Beginning