Infinity Divine (2004)

Published on March 5th, 2012

Infinity Divine
Release date: November 16, 2004
Label: Limb Music, except “At the Graves” published by Roadster Records
Re-mixed by: Tommy Hansen, at Jailhouse Studios (DK), January 2004
Produced by: Jørn Viggo Lofstad, Nils K. Rue, Steinar Krokmo, & Tommy Hansen
All music, lyrics and arrangements by Pagan’s Mind, except “At the Graves” by King Diamond & “Embracing Fear” written by Øyvind Vang & Nils K. Rue

In 2000, Infinity Divine was orginally released by the Norwegian label FaceFront. FaceFront offered Pagans Mind a contract while the band’s name still was Silverspoon. Pagans Mind, which had only excisted for two months when Infitity Divine was recorded, rushed through the recording prosses. “There are things about this album we are satisfied with, and other things we’re not satisfied with. The album is somewhat coloured by a stressed recording process,” Nils K. Rue told Virtousa Magazine. The album was a product of ideas from earlier days, but Pagans Mind wrote one song together as a full band, the last track called “A New Beginning”.

After the successfull release of Celestial Entrance, the new record company Limb Music wanted to re-release Infinity Divine. “Limb Music wanted to re-release that album, we said, ‘OK, you can do it, but we want to mix it again.’ And Nils also recorded all the vocal lines anew for this re-release,” Stian Kristoffersen said during an interview with Dark Side. Pagan’s Mind recorded a new version of “Embracing Fear” called “Embracing Fear 2004″, and also did a cover of “At the Graves” by King Diamond featuring Gus. G and Glen Drover. “When Limb (Schnoor, owner of Limb Music – ed.) wanted to re-release Infinity Divine, he wanted to put something special on it. He was telling us, ‘Can you record some cover songs?’ We had played some cover songs by Dream Theater, but we wanted to do something different. Our singer Nils is an old King Diamond fan, sometimes when we rehearse we are playing some crazy stuff, and Nils is doing King Diamond songs very good. So we decided, ‘Why don’t we record ‘At The Graves’, a 10-minute song from the Conspiracy album?’ I think Nils did a great job on that song.”

Vocals: Nils K. Rue
Guitar: Jørn Viggo Lofstad
Guitar: Thorstein Aaby
Keyboards: Ronny Tegner
Bass: Steinar Krokmo
Drums: Stian Kristoffersen
(*Solo 1: Glen Drover, solo 2: Gus G.)

Track listing:
1. Prelude to Paganism
2. Caught in a Dream
3. Infinity Divine
4. Embracing Fear
5. Astral Projection
6. Angels’ Serenity
7. Dawning of the Nemesis
8. King’s Quest
9. Twilight Arise
10. A New Beginning
11. Embracing Fear 2004
12. At the Graves*