Nils K. Rue picks Lene as mentor on The Voice Norway After singing “Run to the Hills”

Published on August 30th, 2013

Nils K. Rue was the first contestant in this years edition of The Voice Norway. He opened the competition with a very solid and spectacular performance of “Run to the Hills” by legendary Iron Maiden! Even though all of the four mentors clearly enjoyed what they heard, two of them hit their buttons, and Nils had ultimately the privilege of choosing between Aqua-Lene and rapper  Tommy Tee -after he had finished his performance last night.

Aqua-Lene said she liked his 80s-voice, but wants to develop a modern twist to it. On the other hand, Tommy Tee was very excited to see what the two of them could do together.  He went with Lene. “I am not very familiar with the work of Tommy Tee,” Nils told

Watch Nils K. Rue sing “Run to the Hills” at The Voice Norway below:

  • Jill Samer

    this is amazing!!

  • Wallam

    Its Sad to see this….all the corners of the world heard and love PM..awesome music..and Nils had a very talented voice but why do he have to compete in this stupid entertainment.

  • JT

    I, too, think it is sad. Obviously, Nils is an accomplished, professional singer. And he doesn’t have an “80s voice,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. He already gives PM plenty of “modern twists.” I don’t understand why he is doing this. Publicity? To what end? Exposure for PM, or to go out on his own? The whole thing rubs me the wrong way. Also, why choose “Run to the Hills”? If you have to do this show, he could have picked a song by a band with a singer that didn’t already do justice to the song (like Bruce). Ugh.