Pagan’s Mind performs at 1001WATT in Skien, Norway

Published on October 16th, 2012

Pagan’s Mind took the stage for a fantastic live performance at Parkbiografen in Skien, Norway on Saturday night. As mentioned earlier, twelve years ago the band played their first concert together at the very same festival, and it was truly an energetic homecoming!
Guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad [left] turned 38 years old over the night, which led into the crowd singing him the “Happy Birthday” song.

The band had a various set with songs from all eras. Old school Pagan’s Mind fans were pleased with songs such as “Entrance to Infinity” (form Enigmatic Calling), which has not been performed in a while. You can view the entire setlist below:

Set list:

01. “Intro”
02. “God’s Equation”
03. “Intermission”
04. “Entrance To Infinity”
05. “Short Intro”
06. “Eyes of Fire”
07. “Walk Away In Silence”
08. “Instrumental”
09. “Live Your Life Like A Dream”
10. “Prophecy Medley”
11. “Search For Life”
12. “Farewell”
13. “Enigmatic Mission”
14. “United Alliance”

15. “Alien Kamikaze”
16. “Dreamscape Lucidity”
17. “Through Osiris Eyes”
18. “Two Minuets To Midnight” (Iron Maiden cover)

Visit later for more photos and videoes from Pagan’s Mind at 1001WATT!