Next show: Goat Rock Festival in Tvedestrand, Norway

Published on August 5th, 2012

Pagan’s Mind is headlining this year’s Goat Rock Festival in Norway, August 10th -11th. It will be held at Solfjellparken in Tvedestrand, Norway. Our boys will be taking the stage at 11 pm on Saturday, August 11th.

Heroes & Zeros was originally planed to be the headline, but when they had to cancel due to a tendon injury to the bassits’ middle finger, the Goat Rock managment asked Pagan’s Mind. “We really hoped Pagan’s Mind could headline next year’s festival, but we are thrilled to have them this year.”

Goat Rock is based on local bands with a connection to the Norwegian counties Aust-Agder and Telemark. Other confirmed acts for the festival includes Ændal, Ørkenkjøtt, Depau and Bulk. Check below for full list:

09/10: Square One – Greyzone – Sassy Kraimspri – Depui
09/11: Pagan’s Mind – Bulk – Jane Helen – Ørkenkjøtt – Emanuel Desperados – Predaking – Greyzone – Valerie – Rockebandet Ændal

Visit the official website for detalis.