New concert dates revealed

Published on July 20th, 2012

[Updated] Check out the new Norwegian dates for Pagan’s Mind’s upcoming concerts, three of them take place at festivals, and the band is set to headline Goat Rock Festival and 1001WATT.  Click on this site for more information.


August 11 – Goat Rock Festival -Tvedestrand, Norway (Solfjellparken)
August 25 – Oslo, Norway (Gamla)
October 06 – Levanger Live Metal Edition -Levanger, Norway (Trønderhallen)
October 13 – 1001WATT -Skien, Norway (Parkbiografen)

Ticket price range:
Tvedestrand: 325 kr
Levanger: 650-950 kr
Skien: 275-480 kr

  • Leosrock87

    venite a Firenze? Please,,,,  LeosRock

  • Yannick Nawrot

    the north of france need you!!!!!!!!!

  • Yannick Nawrot

    we want in the north of france !!!!!!

    • raphael

      yes in bouchain!!! no it’s a joke…but in lille at the splendid,or nederlands or belgium….you do have french fans!!!