Video: Slain cover ‘Spirit Starcruiser’ at Hard Rock Cafe

Published on July 14th, 2012

The Indian rock band Slain played earlier this month “Spirit Starcruiser” from God’s Equation at Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore in India.

But it was not the first time for Slain to cover Pagan’s Mind. India’s answer to progressiv rock has released a video on YouTube of the group perfroming “Search For Life” from Pagan’s Mind’s third album Enigmatic Calling. The video has almost 5,000 views.  

Vocalist Ranjit Abraham told My Metal Bin last year on August 30th: “As a band, we love the stuff that classic rock bands like Mr. Big and Whitesnake have done, and we go insane every time we listen to Pagan’s Mind and all those other Prog icons.”

Watch Slain perform “Spirit Starcruiser” and leave a comment below!