Pagan’s Mind performs at the very first Frya Rock Camp Festival

Published on June 24th, 2012

When Frya Rock Camp was arranged for the first time this weekend at Frya (Norway), many dedicated fans showed up to enjoy the main attraction on Saturday night: Pagan’s Mind. The two-day festival also hosted other great bands like Thunderbolt, Triosphere, Glittertind and Custom.

Pagan’s entering the stage right before midnight set a magical opening for the concert. Nils, Jørn Viggo, Steinar, Stian and Ronny were on the top of their games. The set list included songs such as “Eyes of Fire”, “Search For Life” and “Through Osiris Eyes”.

Enjoy more photos of Pagan’s Mind performing during their show at Frya on June 23rd here.
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  • Gullving1800

    Fantastic performance!

  • Hilde Jordbruen

    magic performance and a awesome liveband!! Thank you for a great show!