Jørn Viggo talks possibility of releasing two new albums in new Metalicos interview

Published on May 23rd, 2012

Earlier this week, Metalicos.com, a Latin American website published a huge interview with Nils K. Rue and Jørn Viggo Lofstad. We decided to split the interview. Click here to read Nils’ part.

Jørn Viggo gave a recent interview where he was asked how Pagan’s Mind is keeping a writing capacity above the average. His response? “We try to avoid the same structure and system every time. At the moment we have started the process with writing new material and so far it looks promising.”

He continues: “We might actually do two albums at the same time, maybe one as the natural follow up for Heavenly Ecstasy and one much more progressive/epic album. The material we got so far shows that this is something we might do.” Interesting Jørn Viggo! “And that should be good news for the people who mostly enjoyed the more progressive side of Pagan’s Mind as well.”

When asked how Pagan’s Mind define the kind of sound they want for each album, Jørn Viggo says: “We follow our hearts and therefore it’s been a natural progression from album to album. For instance, we never sat down and said: ‘We have to make a song like Through Osiris Eyes for every album just because that was the song that put us on the map.’ To follow our hearts and writing the music that inspires us at the moment we write it, is very important for us. I think that’s a big part of our success factor and that resulting in all the good feedback we got since releasing Celestial Entrance.”

“We take pride in always delivering fresh and solid albums.”

After being asked about the future sound, the interviewer asked him about Heavenly Ecstasy: “On Heavenly Ecstasy we appear like a melodic metal band with progressive elements and not the other way around. This time the voice was always the number 1 priority. It would not be wrong to say that the basic of the songwriting on this album is the classic singer/songwriter approach.”

Jørn Viggo also said that Pagan’s Mind is more than nice melodies, so they add the riffs and all other needed elements into their music. He concludes: “Personally, I think that the songwriting on Heavenly Ecstasy is much more solid than earlier, that resulting in maybe our best album till now.”

  • Jgrablejr1

    PLEASE make two albums at the same time!!! That would be AWESOME!!!! I cannot wait!!! Come to California soon!!!