Vote for Pagan’s Mind in song contest

Published on May 20th, 2012

The final round of “Best Song of All Time from Telemark” started today, which means that the band needs your votes!

How to vote: Go to this website, vote for Pagan’s Mind and them hit the “STEM” button at the bottom of the poll! 

NRK Telemark and Varden started with 50 artists from Telemark back in March. Throughout the months listeners and readers have voted for their favorites, and after two rounds, ten finalists are ready – Pagan’s Mind is one of them.

The voting ends on Friday 8th of June. You can only vote once per day! In other words, vote once a day for 18 days!

Check out the ten finalists below:

  • Odd Nordstoga – «Ein farfar i livet»
  • Pagan’s Mind – «Through Osiris Eyes»
  • Ronald Holmberg – «Sommer ved Eidangerfjorden»
  • Rigmor Dørumsgaard – «Et hav av minner»
  • Veslemøy Solberg – «La humla suse»
  • Pråm & Sill-  «Skipssekken»
  • Ni Liv – «Det var den gong»
  • Sputnik – «Skilles Johanne»
  • Bjarne Øverbø – «Sterke-Nils brenner tjøru»
  • Absinth – «Smil»
  • Antonio Velkov

    Will do!